Replica A. Lange & Sohne watches video

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Replica A. Lange & Sohne watches video

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Many classic PanNai antique watches are the design source of the Luminor Due series watches, including the smooth and simple style of table, recognizing the pillow shaped case, the large dial, the integral form of the ear and the crown guard device, which continues the essence of the traditional brand. At the same time, the luminor due series has also made some adjustments to make its timepiece lines simpler, thinner, lighter and more fashionable. It is a versatile watch that can attend formal, sports and leisure occasions.

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The 31x31mm case is made of fine steel. After careful polishing, it presents a perfect radian and smooth, soft lines, giving the watch full ornamental. The ear made of refined steel, on the basis of anti-skid texture design, endows the crown with the same radian beauty. It is very beautiful when it is integrated with the case while maintaining convenient operation.

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From dating to flipping, from master to geophysics Observatory, each series explains the contact contribution of Jijia timepiece to mechanical wristwatch. The shop is clean and elegant with full business style. If you like Jijia timepiece, you can come here to have a look.

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